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Song Picture Book Endorsements

Lyrics 4 Literacy*

Lyrics 4 Literacy* – a unique method of teaching and learning – harnesses the power of music to promote one-on-one quality time between children and adults, making reading as natural as singing a song together.

Lyrics 4 Literacy* combines age-appropriate music, easy-to-read lyrics, related learning activities, and narrative stories. This holistic, integrated approach to reading with children reinforces word recognition, spelling, pronunciation, comprehension, reading fluency, writing, drawing, dancing and critical thinking – without missing a beat.

Enhanced Video Caption Technology:

ReadSpeak Visible Language

ReadSpeak Visible Language – an innovative caption technology – accelerates the achievement of literacy and language skills. During the flow of video content dialogue, spoken words graphically appear to emerge, one at a time, from the actor’s mouth. The viewer sees and hears each word the instant it is uttered. This “animated special effect” links the simultaneous appearance of graphic words with their equivalent spoken sounds.



CLASSROOM EVALUATION – Mixed Bag For Kids Of All Ages

PETE SEEGER'S ENDORSEMENT - Mixed Bag For Kids Song Picture Book

SNAKE RIVER MONTESSORI SCHOOL – Word Wizards & ReadSpeak Visual Language Evaluation

ROCKVILLE CENTER PUBLIC LIBRARY – Word Wizards & ReadSpeak Visual Language Evaluation

ACT PROGRAM at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine –  Word Wizards, The Sing-Along Word Wizard & ReadSpeak Visual Language Evaluation.