Lyrics 4 Literacy™

A Song Picture Book Teaching System

Lyrics 4 Literacy™ – an innovative method of teaching and learning – harnesses the power of music to promote one-on-one quality time between children and adults, making reading as natural as singing a song together.

By uniquely blending music, lyrics, activities and stories, Lyrics 4 Literacy Song Picture Books offer an engaging approach to reading with children that reinforces word recognition, spelling, pronunciation, comprehension, writing, drawing, dancing and critical thinking without missing a beat.

With the addition of curriculum exercises specific to Spanish, Japanese, etc., Lyrics 4 Literacy Song Picture Books will also be of benefit to English Language Learners (ELL).

Song Picture Book Validation

CLASSROOM EVALUATION – Mixed Bag For Kids Of All Ages Song Picture Book

Enhanced Video Caption Technology:

ReadSpeak Visible Language

ReadSpeak Visible Language – a breakthrough caption technology – boosts literacy and language skills. During the flow of dialogue in films and videos, graphic spoken words emerge, one at a time, from the actor’s mouth. As viewers simultaneously see and hear each word, the “animated special effect” delivers stereo-sensory learning benefits.

ReadSpeak Visual Language Endorsements

SNAKE RIVER MONTESSORI SCHOOL – Word Wizards & ReadSpeak Visual Language Evaluation

ROCKVILLE CENTER PUBLIC LIBRARY – Word Wizards & ReadSpeak Visual Language Evaluation

ACT PROGRAM AT CATHEDRAL ST. JOHN THE DIVINE –  Word Wizards, The Sing-Along Word Wizard & ReadSpeak Visual Language Evaluation.

Video Download
Word Wizards TV Pilot Episode:
Search for the Missing ‘S’ Word
(Suitable for ages 4 and up)
Video Download
The Sing-Along Word Wizard:
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
(Suitable for preschoolers)